The Bachelorettedrama is continuing to heat up. Recently, contestant Jordan Rodger's brother, Luke Rodgers, gave an interview which seemed to imply that Jordan had won the Reality TV dating series, and now his older, more famous brother, NFL quarter back, Aaron Rodgers is speaking out.

According to reports, the Greenbay Packers quarterback was asked about his brother's involvement in The Bachelorette, as Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher recently went to his hometown and spoke with his family. During the scenes, JoJo talks about how Jordan and Luke are estranged from Aaron, although no one really says why.

NFL starfinally comments onJordan's reality TV run.

Now, Aarron Rodgers is giving his take on Jordan's "Bachelorette" run, and the fact that his family brought up the drama on television. Aaron claims that he hasn't seen the show so it hasn't "affected" him a lot. However, he does go on to say that he finds it "inappropriate" to talk publicly about "family matters." Aaron says because of that he's not going to speak about the issues with his family, but that he wishes his brother Jordan "well in the competition."

Aaron: 'It's inappropriate' to speak publicly on family matters.'

Sadly, Jordan Rodgers competing in The Bachelorette has seemed to make the rift with Aaron even worse. The NFL star and his family obviously have a lot of issues, and it's very unclear about whether or not they will ever reconcile.

Meanwhile, JoJo Fletcher has admitted to knowing that Jordan Rodgers was going to be on the show before filming started. This is some fans speculating that the two were in talks before ever coming face to face on the ABC dating show. The drama doesn't stop there, rumors are flying that JoJo did, in fact, pick Jordan, but that she's already regretting her decision and may actually call off their engagement during the After The Final Rose show, which will air live after The Bachelorette finale next week.

It seems that there has been so much drama this season, and fans are loving every minute of it. Well, except for Aaron Rodgers, of course.

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