The Bachelorette 2016 spoilers for the show's ending may support extended previews seen earlier in the season of JoJo Fletcher being "torn" over her two finalists.

Hometown and overnights spoilers

As it stands, the four finalists for the hometown episode are Chase McNary, Luke Pell, Robby Hayes, and Jordan Rodgers. On the episode scheduled for July 18, spoilers tease that she'll eliminate Luke. After the fantasy suite episode, Chase will hit the road after the overnights in Thailand.So, what's next?OK!

magazine cites In Touch in its reporting on the latest story.

"The proposal was in a picturesque location, but it was so, so hot," a source In Touch. "There had to be multiple outfit changes. It definitely wasn't comfortable."The insider says one man "tries to propose to JoJo but she turns him down, after he gets down on one knee." The whole thing "was very embarrassing!"It's not even a definite thing that JoJo is engaged, according to the source."Behind the scenes, [her final choice] started having a meltdown over his commitment issues.

I'm not even positive they're actually engaged," the insider said.

Similar report released last week

This is a similar story to one printed by Life & Style last week that had everybody talking. The magazine's insider alleged that JoJo Fletcher will be "torn" between two men in the finale episode of The Bachelorette. The source also said this will definitely attest to the rumors that it'll be "the most shocking" season finale in Bachelor history.

One report quotes JoJo Fletcher during the proposal she turns down.“I fell in love with you and I still love you, but what you did to me – it’s not right. But I wanted you to know it’s really hard for me not to accept this love,” she says.In the extended preview of what was to come on The Bachelorette at the beginning of the season, it was evident the show's ending delivers what all of the magazines are suggesting."Coming into this, I wanted to find love," Fletcher says in the previews amid a beautiful landscape behind her.

"And I found it with a man that will not be able to love me in the way I said I wanted to be loved."The 25-year-old is crying, beside herself with emotion. She says she "just said goodbye to a man that I ... love."

Who do you think JoJo Fletcher gets engaged to in the finale of The Bachelorette? Will there be a surprise ending?

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