The Bachelorette 2016 will wrap up soon and fans will soon learn who JoJo Fletcher actually picks in the end. Will it be Robby Hayes or Jordan Rodgers? Reality Steve has shared with fans for months who the winner of the show is, but is JoJo still with him? It doesn't look good.

(Warning: spoilers ahead)

Truth to come out Monday night

Reality Steve notes in his most recent post that when After the Final Rose airs Monday night following The Bachelorette finale, it should be a testament to his claims all along. The spoilers guru wrote that if it's revealed JoJo and her final pick are broken up, he won't be surprised.

In fact, if they announce that they're still together, he says they'll just be putting on a united front to "protect their pride."

JoJo is predicted to choose Jordan in the finale episode. Reports and previews of the final episode show JoJo in tears and in turmoil over making a decision. Several reports claim she chose the wrong man in the end, which might be fair to say if she's not with him months after getting engaged.

Too many sources "close to the situation" confirm JoJo and winner are done

Reality Steve is confident that JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are finished. He wrote that he's heard "way too much" in the last three-to-four weeks about there being in trouble in paradise to believe they're still together.

Furthermore, Steve tells fans it doesn't mean she's running back to Robby, Luke, or Chase. Even if the couple say things are fine, they simply aren't.

On July 28, Steve tweeted a message that simply read, "Heard she dumped him." He followed it up with another tweet telling fans he didn't have details, but learned the couple were no longer together.

After the Final Rose special should be a riveting episode if JoJo and Jordan broke up. How awkward to appear on the show then tell the nation after watching a romantic engagement that you're actually broken up.

Not fun, but it will probably make for good television.

If JoJo and The Bachelorette winner are really split up, what came between them?

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