During the season 3 finale of The 100, Alie told Clarke that in six months, they would be doomed because of the nuclear disaster that was headed their way. It was clear that it would be the focus of season 4. Even though filming has not yet begun, creator Jason Rothenberg did offer viewers a teaser. It reveals that the characters might be in real trouble when The CW post-apocalyptic series returns next year.

What is the threat in 'The 100'?

The nuclear disaster has to do with the power plants. The first apocalypse was 100 years ago.

Even though nobody except the Sky Crew was supposed to survive, there were some that did. Some of those people hid in Mount Weather while others managed to stay alive outdoors. Those individuals are called the Grounders. For over a century, the power plants have not been maintained and it was only a matter of time before they would start to affect the current inhabitants of the Earth.

How will 'The 100' stop to nuclear disaster?

The characters will not be able to stop it. Fans have been wondering for months if they would find a way, but a teaser clip revealed that it just isn't possible.

There is no stopping the nuclear threat and there is no slowing it down. By the time it arrives, only 4 percent of Earth will be suitable for human life. Clarke and the others need to find out where that four percent is and go there.

How will the characters survive in 'The 100'?

Creator Jason Rothenberg hinted that they will use lifeboats in order to survive. This means that the livable part of the Earth is overseas somewhere.

However, there are only a limited number of lifeboats and there are so many people.

Who gets to choose who lives and who dies in 'The 100'?

This is the biggest question of season 4. Withonly a few lifeboats and so many people on Earth, both Sky Crew and Grounder, who gets to decide who lives and who dies? Clarke is a possibility, but she has put enough on her shoulders. Nobody trusts Bellamy and it was teased that Jaha will figure out a way to get more followers, but it won't be easy.

Will the Sky Crew only take their "own kind?" It really depends on who is making the decisions. If the Grounders find out about the crisis, there could be a war over who gets to survive.

What do you think is going to happen when The 100 returns with season 4 in early 2017?

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