Fans are anxiously waiting for The 100 to return with Season 4. Unfortunately, they will be waiting until early next year due to The CW network pushing back the show. However, there are still spoilers and it sounds like it is going to be even more dangerous than ever.

Last season, the artificial intelligence entity, Alie (Erica Cerra) told Clarke (Eliza Taylor) that 96 percent of the Earth would be uninhabitable within six months.

Fans were not sure if Alie was telling the truth or not. Based on the Instagram posts from writers of the show, it seems the A.I. might have been truthful. Uploaded pictures and diagrams show scientific formulas, a brightly colored sun, as well as other clues.

The nuclear disaster is going to be the theme in the upcoming season of the post-apocalyptic TV show. However, that isn't all that will be featured. Look forward to Octavia's (Marie Avgeropoulos) journey and how Jaha (Isaiah Washington) will get his followers back.

Not everyone can be saved in 'The 100'

Recently, creator and executive producer Jason Rothenberg teased that the power plant crisis might not be fixable. He said that the "Earth strikes back." This makes perfect sense and fans need to remember that most of the Sky Crew is made up of teenagers.

Yes, they are smart, but they are also young and have spent their entire lives in space. Besides lacking the knowledge to fix this huge problem, they also don't have the tools or resources to really do anything about it.

Season 4 theories for 'The 100'

There are a few theories for Season 4. One of the most interesting and believable seems to go hand-in-hand with Rothenberg's haunting words.

If not everyone can be saved, then who will survive and how will they make it through a nuclear disaster? One is that they will take refuge in a safe place, such as Mount Weather.

However, not everyone will be able to fit. This will make the Sky Crew having to deal with the consequences of who they choose to let live and who will die.

Another theory is that they will ride it out. One century ago, during the apocalypse, some survivors were left on the ground.

Although most perished, there were some survivors and they are now called the Grounders.

It is unknown how they managed to make it through without the radiation killing them, but they did.

Some ended up with defects no doubt, like the animals seen in the first season Others seem to not have any defective genes at all.

What Jason Rothenberg's words mean for fans of 'The 100'

Rothenberg and the writers of The CW series are not afraid of killing off major characters, not even ones that are loved by fans.

There is a rumor, although not confirmed at this time, that season 4 could be the last. If that is the case, the Sky Crew and the Grounders may go out with a bang... literally.

What do you think Jason Rothenberg meant?

Find out when The 100season 4 airs on The CW network in early 2017.

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