Taking 100 layers to the next level

The “100 layers challenge of ____” has taken over YouTube. Beauty Bloggers across the internet have done versions of the 100 layers challenge with everything from nailpolish to spray tan, to mascara, but comedy YouTuber Jenna Marbles has one upped them all by doing an “Ultimate 100 Coats of Things Video.” The fourteen minute long video features Marbles putting on 100 layers of foundation, liquid lipstick, nail polish, hairspray, spray tanner, and even 100 false eyelashes split into 50 pairs.

The process took multiple hours to compete, and Marbles needed the use of a hairdryer to make the liquid lipstick set properly once the layers started to pile up. The 100 layers of spray tan started to completely change her skin tone, and the 100 layers of nail polish began to look like awkward bubbles protruding from her hand. When the foundation layers began to pile up, it completely obscured her features. The 100 false eyelashes easily takes the cake as the strangest part of the video, with the lashes making it hard for Marbles to open her eyes once she had put them all on her eyelashes.

The worst part of the video is when she begins to take off the makeup and it is revealed how thick the 100 layers of makeup really was. Once she wiped the makeup off, you could see truly how gross that much foundation was to put on a human face, and that much lipstick as a matter of fact. The liquid lipstick looked like it was melting onto her face. The eyelashes surprisingly didn’t rip her own eyelashes off, but came off in one go.

Finally, the hairspray did harden her hair to unreasonable levels, but didn’t make it so bitter that it would break off like wet hair in winter. Now that it has become nearly impossible for another YouTuber to one-up this video, hopefully it will once and for all to this, and beauty bloggers everywhere will get back to showing off beautiful makeup looksinstead of trying to creep their viewers out by showing how many layers you can get out of a product.

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