Season 3 was initially announced at 2014 SDCC, but more details emerged this week as the Fall 2016 release date gets closer. Fans have been waiting patiently since the Season 2 finale was released in Fall 2014.

Not much was revealed, in order to keep the excitement going while fans wait for not only season 3 of the game, but season 7 of the show. However, fans did learn a few things about this upcoming season.

Clementine remains the protagonist of The Walking Dead.

The game, in it's typical fashion, time jumps, and Clementine is now a teenager.

However, there is another protagonist introduced named Javier, who will be central to the game. Players will be able to play as both characters, possibly in different time frames. This is the first time since The Walking Dead game has begun that players will be able to play with two different characters within a season.

Baby AJ is alive...for now.

When Job J. Stauffer, a Telltale employee tweeted, "Punched in the gut and tearing up at work today. No matter how many times we do this, I'm never 100% prepared.

This one is very special."

After this tweet was sent out, rumors started swirling that a big character was going to die in The Walking Dead. The character on everyone’s list was AJ, who is the son of the deceased Rebecca and Alvin. However, in the released photos, baby AJ is shown alive with Clementine. So, it’s safe to assume that he’s safe for now. However, we still don’t know the fate of other characters Clementine bonded with in the previous season.

Clementine loses a finger?

It hasn't been confirmed if this is determinant or not, but in two screenshots of the game, Clementine is visibly missing part of her index finger. There is already speculation that a walker bit her finger, and she had to cut if off. But Telltale seems to be remaining hush about it for now.

Without a doubt, "The Walking Dead" is Telltale's most popular game, as it gives players a chance to create their own story by tailoring their choices to fit the game.

In fact, The Walking Dead in general is incredibly popular, as the graphic novels are still being released, the show is still going strong, and the franchise just keeps growing.

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