The new game Pokemon Go has everyone really excited. This game will get you out walking and trying to catch all of the characters that you can. It came out right after Pokemon turned 20 years old. One teenage girl was out walking around when she ended up stumbling upon a dead body. Of course, this wasn't what she expected to find, but this gave a family closure.

How did this go down?

The teenager was out looking for a yellow mouse in the game Pokemon Go.

She was near her house and went down by the river walking to find it. This was after getting off the phone with a friend. This didn't turn out as she expected at all, though.Shayla Wiggins knows that you can find the yellow mouse and other things if you go near real water sources. She thought that this would be a great place to look for it. She said she doesn't normally hang out down there near the water.

What did she discover?

Shayla saw a man in the river face down. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She said she called 911 right away to get someone out there. At this time, police are saying that it appears to be an accidental death from drowning. Everyone is curious to hear more about this case as the word comes out. Pokemon Go was able to give a family some closure, but of course Shayla will never forget this moment in her life.

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People are walking all around and trying to find things for this Pokemon Go game, which is fine. Now things are getting a bit crazy, though. You can see people stopping in the middle of the road or driving really slow as they are trying to catch these characters. People need to make sure they are safe while playing the game as well as having a good time. The fact that she found a dead body is pretty shocking, but at least the death was not because of this game.

Are you shocked to hear that a teenage girl stumbled upon a dead body while playing Pokemon Go? She is becoming famous for this, but that isn't the way she would want it to happen. What do you think about Pokemon Go? Sound off int he comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss checking out Pokemon Go.

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