Teen MomAmber Portwood has found herself in some major financial with the IRS. Earlier this year, Amber was notified by the Internal Revenue Service that she has had a federal tax lien placed against her for unpaid back taxes somewhere to the tune of $135,000.That was more than five years ago. To date, Amber has paid very little and still owes a large sum of money to the Internal Revenue Service, according to the Madison County Recorders Office in Indiana.

Amber Portwood's money troubles are just beginning

It has been a really tough year for Amber all around and to say she is stressed is putting it mildly. Along with money troubles, Amber also recently discovered that fiance Matt Baier, 35, is also in major financial troubles himself and that he will be of little to no help to Amber, who is struggling to claw herself out of debt.

Amber also discovered a major secret that her future husband-to-be had been keeping from her. It appears that he has fathered at least nine children with seven different women.

These women are teaming up and taking Baier to court in hopes of collecting years of unpaid child support payments.

Portwood's fiance's secret life revealed

One baby mama, Jeanette Ready, the mother of Matt's seventh child, reveals that he has never paid a penny since the birth of their seven-year-old daughter, and another claims he owes her at least $10,000 in support. This is a lot to learn about your fiance and is clearly not a great start to the rest of their lives together.

As if this is not enough, it has also been revealed that Amber is in mourning and recently suffered a miscarriage. The Daily Mail reported that sources close to Amber revealed that she miscarried because she is still battling issues with prescription pill addiction.

Is Amber still struggling with addiction?

This is also causing tension between Amber and Matt, whose relationship troubles will be aired on the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG.

So far, Portwood has done a pretty good job of keeping her personal struggles fairly quiet as she attempts to figure out just how to overcome all of the recent developments in her life.

One thing is for sure: Amber will be struggling financially in the future until she becomes square with the Internal Revenue Service. As for her fiance, it appears he needs at least nine full-time jobs. He is going to be working a very long time, for many years to make it right with his nine children. It is either work or jail.

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