'Scary skinny' is how some fans see Teen Mom 2 starLeah Messerin the latest picture she posted on her social media accounts. You can see by the photo below, Messer appears very comfortable with her appearanceas she stands near a pool in a very tiny bikini. Since this image was posted over the weekend, she's been slammed with comments from people pointing out that the very pretty Teen Moom looks like she's skin and bones in that bathing suit.

Not a problem for Leah.

As the Teen Mom 2 star dons a bikini this summershe swears she doesn't look any different than previous years, but the fans see it differently.

and fans are jumping all over her online for being almost emaciated looking.Messer posted the bikini pic over the weekend and the online comments started rolling out almost immediately. On Tuesday she had enough and came out swinging at the scrutiny riddled posts aimed at body shaming the mom of three.

Skin and bones?

Messer is shown in three years worth of bikini shots in the tweet above and apparently she doesn't see the difference from one year to the next.

It is her latest pose, the one on the right, which does seem to suggest she's turned into a very thin Teen Mom. Many fans have posted their concerns, such as they worried that she may be suffering form an eating disorder,butMesser assures the masses there's nothing to worry about. While somefanshave been kind about their concerns, there have beenothers have taken to posting comments that are just plain mean.

Enough is enough.

There is too much scrutiny over women's bodies, which is the message Messer has conveyed in her recent posts.

She suggests that people"stop with the shaming, start supporting one another, and focus on what really matters."Messer laid it on the line for her fans saying that she is a mom of three beautiful little girls and the last thing she wants for her daughters is to think that they could be next in line for this type of ridicule.

Earlier this year both Messer andKailyn Lowry, who is another Teen Mom 2cast member, spoke about the perils of online comments while on onthe SteveHarvey.

As you might imagine, these young women are feeling a bit shell shocked over the online comments that seem to go hand and hand with becoming an overnight celebrity.

Messer opened up and shared how painful it can be to see some of the comments that show up online, reports ET Online. TheTeen Mom 2starsaid that she is on the show and "putting her life out there" wanting to be a "positive influence," but for some reason people don't always see it that way. So is the Teen Mom 2 star too skinny or is she looking just fine in her bikini this summer?

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