Javi Marroquin will soon return home from Qatar, and when he does, the Teen Mom 2 star will be embarking on hisnew life as a single dad. Following his split from Kailyn Lowry, Marroquin is preparing to move out of their marital home.

On July 26, Radar Online spoke to a source who confirmed Marroquin's post-deployment plans. According to the source, Marroquin is getting his own place and looking to stay close to his former home since he will continue to be stationed in Delaware.

The source also revealed that Javi Marroquin intended to stay close to "the kids," his son, 2-year-old Lincoln, and step-son, 6-year-old Isaac.

For the past several years, Marroquin has been very close to Isaac, and while he is not his biological father, he has no plansof distancing himself from their bond.

Javi Marroquin will enjoy a family vacation once he returns home

After attending a Drakeconcert and a football game, likely in Philadelphia, where his favorite team, the Eagles, plays, Marroquin will reportedly travel to Disney with his family.

As the insider explained, Lowry and Marroquin planned to go on a family vacation after his deployment came to an end and booked the trip earlier this year.

Now, despite their split, the couple will reunite for the sake of their children and enjoy their upcoming trip as planned.

Javi Marroquin wants more children in the future

During the recently aired 7th season of Teen Mom 2, Marroquin was seen telling his soon-to-be ex-wife, Lowry, that he could not continue with their marriage because she refused to have more kids.

Late last year, Lowry appeared to feel different about the issue and allowed herself to become pregnant, but after suffering a miscarriage, the reality star changed her mind about expanding her family and told her husband she intended to focus on her career.

She also said that she had her hands full with the two children she already has.

Teen Mom 2's upcoming season is currently in production. No word yet on whether or not Javi Marroquin will be seen.

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