Javi Marroquin may be going through a rough time, but luckily, he appears to be focused on the positive things in life and after thanking fans for their ongoing support earlier this week, the Teen Mom 2 star shared a new photo of himself on Instagram.On July 29, Marroquin took to Instagram, where he posted a photo of himself standing shirtless next to another man. In the photo, the reality star and father was seen holding a protein shake as he gestured towards the camera.

Javi Marroquin is currently deployed

Earlier this year, Javi Marroquin left his home in Delaware, which he shared with wife Kailyn Lowry and their son, Lincoln, 2, and his step-son, Isaac, 6, and headed to Qatar, where he's been stationed ever since. And although his exact return date is unknown, he recently told a female friend that he would be back in Delaware "soon."

Javi Marroquin's marriage ended during filming on 'Teen Mom 2' season 7

As he and Lowry filmed the 7th season of Teen Mom 2, Marroquin's marriage fell apart and according to scenes from the show, they began experiencing troubles at the end of 2015, when Lowry suffered a tragic miscarriage.

At the time, Lowry and Marroquin were unable to console one another and instead added to the hurt they were already feeling.

Following Lowry's miscarriage, she and Marroquin began feuding over their future family plans. While Lowry decided she did not want to have another child after her miscarriage, Marroquin still wanted to expand their family and didn't understand Lowry's sudden change of heart.

Javi Marroquin is missing his son and step-son

Throughout his deployment, Marroquin has shared several photos of son Lincoln and step-son Isaac, the latest of which was shared just days ago. In a post to fans on July 15, Marroquin revealed someone had sent him a photo of himself and Lincoln, which featured the 2-year-old sitting on his lap with a hat pulled over his head.

Teen Mom 2 season 8 is expected to air later this year or early next year on MTV.

No word yet on whether or not Javi Marroquin will be featured.

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