It looked rather sad for Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska when you eyed the latest headlines and the picture posted along with it. Chelsea's second pregnancy was announced in the title of a recent article and the picture to go along with this was a mugshot. Wow, that's no way to announce a blessed event to the world... with the mom-to-be depicted in a mugshot!

Worst birth announcement photo ever?

There was no doubt about it, that was a mugshot alright, but it just wasn't Chelsea fromTeen Mom 2in that photo.

That was Jenelle Evans in that picture taken by law enforcement and it didn't take long for Chelsea to show the website responsible for the mixup the error of their ways via a tweet, shares The Hollywood Gossip.

It was the website TheParent Heraldthat got the two mixed up. After seeing that they picked a mugshot for a pregnancy announcement many people wanted to know why the would pick that photo out of the the many offered online of either Chelsea or Jenelle.

The two women don't look at all alike, so to say that it was easy to mix up their photos because they resemble each other would be one heck of a stretch.

Who would do that?

A pregnancy announcement with a mugshotjust does not go together. Was it done for shock value or publicity? It worked at grabbing the reader's attention but only because it wasn't Chelsea even though it appeared the website believed that it was.

As far as Jenelle goes, nothing has come down the line from her camp after her mugshot showed up in an announcement that a baby was on the way!

Chelsea announced baby number two when she launched her new website this week. This is her first child with fiance Cole DeBoer and the couple couldn't be happier. Chelsea has a 6-year-old daughter named Aubree, who is from a previous relationship. She is so ready to be a big sister, making it very clear that she is hoping for a baby sister.

Chelsea's due date is in February 2017 and she will be documenting this pregnancy for Teen Mom 2. While MTV hasn't officially confirmed a season 8 or a release date for any new episodes, pictures posted on social media sitesof Chelsea suggests that another season may be on the way forTeen Mom2.

Chelsea's wedding an on-air or off-air event?

The pregnancy will not interfere with Chelsea and Cole's fall wedding plans, but she reportedly has fought tooth and nail to keep the wedding off the air. Chelsea has agreed to film all the events leading up to her wedding and she's even promised professional still photos of her wedding to Teen Mom2producers, but filming it is off limits.

Despite MTV offering to pay for the entire event, it doesn't look like the Teen Mom star is leaving any wiggle room for negotiations on that fact, she doesn't want her wedding filmed!

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