Leah Messer may be ready for a new romance. However, when it comes to the Teen Mom 2 star's standards, they appear to have been raised.On July 12, the reality star and mother took to Instagramand beforesharing a couple of photos of her kids, she posted a quote. In Messer'squote, the author, Rob Hill, Sr, addressed the issue of love and noted that many tend to thrive on the drama of toxic romances.

"Not everybody will be able to appreciate the good in you," the quote began.

"Some people are too used to arguing, drama, and dysfunction to value the simplicity of a good thing."

Leah Messer is twice divorced with three kids

Leah Messer and her first husband, Corey Simms, the father of her 6-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah, tied the knot in late 2010 and split in 2011 after she admitted to sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, just days before they walked down the aisle. Then, in late 2014, Messer's second husband, Jeremy Calvert, the father of her 3-year-old daughter Adalynn, claimed he had caught her cheating with Kidd, as well, and announced his plans to file for divorce.

Since then, Messer has been linked to Theodore "T.R." Dues, who she first identified on Twitter as her personal trainer. Although Messer and Dues haven't been seen together on Teen Mom 2, they have been photographed together in West Virginia and one of Messer's daughters confirmed during Teen Mom 2 Season 6 that they were once living together.

Leah Messer wants something real?

Messer and Dues don't appear to be together currently, and judging by her quote, he may not be what she's looking for.

Instead, Messer wants to find someone who will be honest with her about their feelings and refrain from playing games.

"Relationships aren’t rocket science; it’s just too many people playing mind games, fronting about their feelings, and faking with their actions," the quote continued. "Everybody asking for something real, but it’s not enough people bringing real to the table. And people wonder why love is hard to find."

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