Leah Messer appears to have taken issue with someone in particular. This week on Instagram, the Teen Mom 2 starwas seen sharing photos of her kids and gushing about her job as a mommy, but then, in an odd turn, Messershared a quote from Live Your Standard.

"Don't dare shrink yourself for someone else's comfort - do not become small for people who refuse to grow," the message on Messer's Instagram account read.

In recent weeks, Leah Messer has shared a few mysterious tweets. However, for somereason, the reality starhas chosen to keep the inspiration behind her tweets a secret from her many fans and followers.

Is Leah Messer at odds with her baby daddies?

Throughout the last few years, Messer has had several issues with her children's fathers. In addition to her alleged struggles to get her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, involved with their 3-year-old daughter, Adalynn, Messer has been involved in a years-long custody battle with her first husband, Corey Simms.

During Teen Mom 2 Season 7, Messer was seen losing primary custody of her daughters, 6-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah, after it was revealed that she had allegedly been failing to get them to school on time.

While Messer was also accused of failing to feed her children before school, she later denied her children were left hungry and it remained unclear whether that particular claim was used against her in court.

Is Leah Messer still single?

Following her second divorce, Messer began dating her personal trainer Theodore Dues, also known as T.R. Dues. But Dues didn't appear with her on Teen Mom 2. Instead, Messer chose to keep her mystery man a complete secret from fans of the show and didn't share any details about their relationship on social media until after they parted ways earlier this year.

While Messer claims to be single at the moment, there have been doubts from fans due to her past decision to hide Dues. What fans do know is that Messer recently moved out of the home she once shared with Dues and into a new home she bought for herself and her daughters.

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