Teen Mom 2 is not only as intriguing as Keeping up with the Kardashians, but they've also spin a scandal that is right up there with the several Real Housewives series. The latest rumors circling the drain has Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry suffering the fate of a divorce due to a force coming from outside the marriage. That would be Kailyn's former best friend, who is now cited as the foundation to the demise of her 3-year marriage to Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn's former best friend is Christina "Peach" Pietrobon and she is linked to getting in between husband and wife.

Apparently Peach and Javi were sweethearts for a short hook-up in high school and Peach just can't let him go. The source telling the story claims that Javi was pushed by Peach to get this divorce.

Airport wars

According to the source, Peach told Javi she will be there to pick him up at the airport when he returns from his deployment. She also told him that there's no need for Kailyn and his boysto show up at the airport to greet him, she's got that covered.Javi and Peachhave been friends for a long time and she became friends with Kailyn because Javi pushed her into it.

These rumors go as far as citing Peach making Javi choose between her and his family, according to Enstarz.

That's just Peachy!

The source is adamant that it was Peach who came between the marriage, but again these are rumors, so how can you be sure they are true? Well as far as Peach is concerned these are nothing but rumors and she said there's no truth-based information involved in these online allegations.

Peach considers Javi her best friend and that is it, she also said that she is "no homewrecker" She went on to say that he's even more than a best friend to her... "he's family." Peach said she would "never make him choose between me and anything else," never mind his family. These rumors are just trash as far as she's concerned. She went on to say, “[They] have their own issues and relationships struggles” that led to their divorce."

Best friends, lovers and rumors...

While supporting Javi as a friend and being there for him when he needs her is something she's always done for him, this doesn't mean it went any further.

It has never been more than a friendship between the two, claims Peach. All the romantic stuff being said about the two are just rumors.

Doomed from the start

As far as Kailyn and Javi divorcing, the title of the show is enough to give you a hint as to why this is happening. Teen Mom 2 indicates she was a "teen mom." They were kids when they married and people change. Who you are in your teenage years may not be who you are as you hit your 20s. There is a reason teen marriages are notorious for ending in divorce.

More than likely neither of the two are to blame, they were married young and Javi has lived a very adult life since being deployed with his unit in the service.

That changes a person no matter what level of war you experience and even if you haven't seen any action, just living away in a different culture makes you grow up quick. They were two kids with kids of their own. They married young and changed into adults. Some couples make it, but a lot don't.

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