Jenelle Evans has sparked rumors of a pregnancy with a new photo on Instagram. Months after pregnancy rumors began swirling, the Teen Mom 2 star has been accused of sporting a baby bump while promoting a weight loss product. On July 12, In Touch Weekly shared the damning photo of Evans, in which the reality star and mother of two is seen in a sports bra and tight leggings as she holds a bag of Flat Tummy Tea at her side. In the caption of the photo, Evans wrote, "Been on the [Flat Tummy Tea] cleanse and look at this.

Don't be mad, just go get you some tea!" However, fans weren't mad at Jenelle Evans' body. Instead, they were convinced she was pregnant. 

“She looks about 16 weeks pregnant,” one person wrote.


Another added, “Pregnant! [You] can [see] she tried to hide the ring of her pregnant belly.”

Jenelle Evans denied pregnancy rumors months ago

In May, after a photo of Evans and her boyfriend, David Eason, appeared to show a baby bump, she took to Twitter to explain her weight gain. "For everyone asking.. No I'm not pregnant and no not engaged. Happy where I am in life and comfortable so I've been eating a lot more," she wrote. 

Although Jenelle Evans has claimed she is not pregnant, she's lied about a pregnancy in the past. Years ago, prior to the birth of her second child, son Kaiser, now 2, Evans told fans she was not expecting just days before confirming the news. So, when it comes to this reality star, a secret pregnancy is certainly possible.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are going strong

Evans' mother, Barbara, may not be the biggest fan of Eason, as she revealed during her MTV special, Being Barbara, last night, but that hasn't affected Evans' views on her boyfriend at all.

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In fact, Evans continues to spend tons of time with Eason, who moved in with her and her son just weeks into their romance. 

Jenelle Evans and David Eason began dating last summer after Evans split from Kaiser's father, Nathan Griffith. Since then, they have appeared alongside one another on episodes of Teen Mom 2