Has Jenelle Evans changed since fans first met her on MTV's 16 & Pregnant? While the reality star, who has since been appearingon Teen Mom 2, claims she's changed for the better, her fans still feel that she should have regained custody of her oldest son before having more children.

After a fan tweeted to Evans, asking her if she had any regrets about her time on 16 & Pregnant, she confirmed she did not. "No I wouldn't change anything because I learn from my mistakes and that's why I've changed so much for the better," Evans explained.

As soon as Jenelle Evans' post was shared, several Twitter users poked fun at her response and slammed her for claiming to have changed when she is currently pregnant with her third child by her third baby daddy.

"If that was the case she would have custody and wouldn't have 3 kids from 3 different guys," one person explained.

Jenelle Evans has yet to speak of her pregnancy with fans

While Jenelle Evans told police earlier this month that she was at least 10 weeks pregnant with her third child, she has avoided addressing the topic with her fans. Instead, she simply fired back at the pregnancy backlash, claiming fans should be more concerned with how she was doing after a car accident earlier this month that the ongoing gossip about her life.

Rumors of Jenelle Evans' pregnancy began in May

Although Evans claimed she was at least 10 weeks pregnant earlier this month, she may be much further along. In May, The Ashley's Reality Roundup first reported news of Evans' pregnant, claiming the reality star appeared to be sporting a noticeable baby bump during an outing at Target with her boyfriend, David Eason, and her youngest son, Kaiser.

At the time of The Ashley's Reality Roundup's report, Jenelle Evans denied she was expecting a child, but as the outlet noted, Evans has denied pregnancies before. Back in 2014, as she was expecting her son Kaiser, the reality star told fans she was not pregnant up until the day before she officially confirmed her baby news.

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