Teen Mom 2 starChelsea Houskahas the wrath of the Internet upon hertodayafter recently sharing something on social media that she thought was rather endearing. It is something that many new moms-to-be are doing today while preparing for their up and coming birth. It turns out suggestions are swirling around online that what Chelsea Houska is doing couldpossibly be harmful to the fetus and the folks making these suggestions cite theFDA'srecommendations.

Chelsea has been using an at-home fetal heartbeat Doppler to monitor the baby's heartbeat and in a recent post she shared how exciting it was to hear her baby's little heart beating.

Shealso mentioned that shecould listen to her baby's heartbeat all day, but that doesn't actually mean she does.Hot Moms Club reports that the FDA warns against using this at-home fetal Doppler at all and they also warn against those "keepsake ultrasound" pictures that are offered by non-professionals.

Chelsea was furious when she read that she was being accused of harming her unborn child. From her response on Twitter,it's not hard to miss just how furious she really was. Since becoming a star on thereality show,Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and her co-stars have been sitting ducks for criticism.

To suggest that she might be doing something that may harm her unborn baby really put her over-the-top!

It seems the FDA warns that the only fetal heartbeatmonitoringand Dopplerimagestaken with these devicesshould be left to the hands of a medical professional. These hand-held ultrasoundmonitors were never intended for over-the counter sales and at-home use.

There is a lack of evidence showing the fetal Doppler can cause harm to the unborn child, but an ultrasound can heat human tissue and although rare, it can also cause bubbles in tissue.

It is for that reason this should be done by a medical professional who knows how to calculate the proper use of this device, such as duration of use for this technology.

The FDA website acknowledges that the device that lets you monitor the baby's heartbeat is a way for a mother and father to bond with the unborn baby, but it is just better to be safe than sorry. They recommend that a medical professionaldo all the ultrasound needs of the expectant mom.

Now the Teen Mom 2 star didn't set out to ignore this warning, she probably didn't even know that one existed. Like most people, if the device is available to purchase, you automatically figure it is safe to use. Chelsea is beside herself with excitement for the birth of her second child due in February of 2017.

When she was asked in a recent interview if she is more relaxed the second time around, she answered that she wasn't. She is finding herself with more anxiety because she is trying to do everything right. The storm of insults over Chelsea's use of the at-home fetal Doppler probably didn't help with easing that tension.

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