It seems that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston and their romance are making headlines everywhere they go. And the Swoki or sometimes called the Hiddleswift couple is currently in Australia as the songstress visits a children's hospital, and the actor heads out to where his film set is.

Taylor Swift drops by Lady Cliento Children's Hospital

The 26-year-old Blank Space singer spent her Tuesday afternoon surrounded by children as she dropped by the Lady Cliento Children's Hospital in South Brisbane. The kids were surprised by the Grammy award winner's visit.

Of course, the surprise visit made by Swift - thehighest paid celebrityaccordingto Forbes,would not be completed without a few selfies. A patient, Sam,posed with Swift and shared it to the social media. Her visit was coordinated by the Starlight Children's Foundation - a non-profit organization that aimed at supporting the youth through their ailments.

Swoki's first meeting is a possible publicity stunt

The Hiddleswift/Swoki couple first met at the Met Gala in May where Hiddleston saw her platinum blond locks.

She dyed her hair at the time for the event. However, it seemed that the Thor actor did not want super-edgy-platinum-haired and black-lipstick-wearing girl.

Meanwhile, their speculated publicity stunt has everyone wondering if the Swoki couple is indeed in love with each other. Their fans were gawking over their paparazzi-taken pictures, which truly suggested that they are indeed a couple. And yet, many people could not get enough of their PDA-packed trips from the Rhode Island beach to Italy, the United Kingdom and now Australia.

On the other hand, some just would not buy it. Thus, questions arose regarding the authenticity of the relationship, which began in June when they were clicked together in Rhode Island. Nonetheless, Swift and Hiddleton enjoyed Selena Gomez's concert, and looked happy, which gave rest to the rumors.

Swift sports natural blonde hair for beau

Hiddleston loved Swift just the way she is. Therefore, the singer ditched her platinum-colored hair and changed back to its original color, which is sandy blonde.

Reportedly, the 35-year-old star was crazy about her and preferred her gorgeous no-frills look, her natural beauty. He even loved and thought that she looks gorgeous with little or no makeup at all.

And as can be seen on the photo while she visited the children's hospital, Tay Tay sported her natural hair color.

Hiddleston is back to work

While his girl spent four hours at the children's hospital, Hiddleston headed off to work and film Thor: Ragnarok, which will be released in October 2017. Here, he reprised his role as Loki in the popular action/fantasy franchise.

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