Taylor Swift is really unhappy after Kim Kardashian recently released a conversation that she had with Kanye West. It turns out, Taylor really did know that Kanye was going to talk about her in a song and even had a pretty good idea of what he was going to say. Now Swift isn't looking very honest after she publicly denied giving him permission to use a pretty controversial line in his new song "Famous." To make matters worse, she is claiming character assassination by Kim for putting the truth out there.

The line in question goes, "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b***h famous."

Kanye West claims Taylor Swift gave consent

Soon after the Kanye West song came out, Taylor Swift made it clear that she was shocked and upset by the lyric. After receiving some pretty heavy criticism, Kanye went public and claimed that he called Taylor before releasing the song and explained that he wanted to use a pretty controversial lyric that involved her. He even said that Taylor gave him her blessing to go ahead and do it.

It turns out that Kanye wasn't lying. In a recorded phone conversation between Kanye and Taylor, he can be heard reading the entire first line to Taylor, who then ruminates about how his line is "kind of a compliment." Swift also thanks Kanye for giving her a heads up about the song coming out several times. She even told Kanye that she would always respect him.

Taylor upset that Kim Kardashian made the phone call public

Apparently, when Kanye did release his new album "The Life of Pablo" and the song "Famous" with the controversial lyrics, Taylor Swift decided to do a complete reversal and claim that she never gave permission for Kanye to use her song.Rather than owning up to the phone conversation that she had with Kanye, Taylor denied it all. Her rep even posted a claim that Kanye had asked her to tweet the song out for him and that she declined.

A conversation about tweeting or helping him publicize his work wasn't even a part of the conversation that Kim Kardashian made public.

The entire conversation can be seen in the YouTube video below. Be sure to watch it, listen carefully, and draw your own conclusions about whether Kanye West gave Taylor Swift a heads up or not:

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