Tara Reid has been trying to keep busy while also trying to keep her career afloat. There is another "Sharknado" movie being released shortly, and she has been doing press tours to promote the movie. She had been tapped last year to film a celebrity edition of "Marriage Boot Camp," and it is currently airing on Wetv. With plenty to talk about career-wise, there wasn't any reason Reid should have been nervous about sitting down with Jenny McCarthy on her Sirius XM radio show.

Tara Reid starts out cooperative

According to The Hollywood Gossip, when the interview initially began, it appeared that Tara Reid was going to be cooperative and pleasant with Jenny McCarthy. Instead, things went downhill fast. The interview was opened with a compliment about Reid's appearance on "Marriage Boot Camp." That set the 40-year-old actress off, and she began to get rude. Reid insisted she was only appearing on the show to talk about "Sharknado," and would not be addressing "Marriage Boot Camp" as it wasn't worth talking about.

While that didn't end things, it sure stirred them up.

As things escalated to talk about boob jobs and more, Tara Reid began getting incredibly irritated. She then walked out of the interview and never looked back. There haven't been any apologies exchanged between Reid and Jenny McCarthy, but true colors were shown. It appears that the radio host struck a nerve with Reid, one that has been sitting on the surface for quite some time.

Her dive-like antics have been showcased on "Marriage Boot Camp" so the storming off was not shocking to those who know the actress.

Tara Reid gets bad press for diva antics

Social media has been buzzing about Tara Reid walking out of the Jenny McCarthy interview. She will be doing more press for the newest "Sharknado" in the future, and there is talk about how she plans to conduct herself then. Since "Marriage Boot Camp" is currently airing, no one thought it would be an off topic point.

McCarthy didn't disrespect Reid by any means, though it would appear Reid believes otherwise. The ending of the interview was filled with awkward exchanges and off-the-wall accusations, making it one of the more uncomfortable radio broadcasts in a long time.

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