Many multinational companies in Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi have declared aholiday on July 22, 2016, as Rajinikanth's Kabali has hit the screens all around the globe in maximum screens.

This statement is enough to explain the Rajini fever everywhere. Even thetop corporates fear that their employees would bunk work as the Superstar graces the big screen in style.

The opening reviews coming out from the theaters are very much positive in nature, and the film is expected to collect more than Rs 40 crores by the end of the 1st day.

In this outing, the Endhiran star has enacted the role of an aging underworld don, who is now leading a peaceful life. He has his lovely wife and is a happy man. But at one point in time, situations compel him to wear the old attire again.

In the beginning, we can see Rajanikant returning from the jail after twenty-five years, aiming to take revenge on the death of his wife. He now leads a war against the gangled by a Malaysian drug mafia king.

Watch audience response:

This forms the major crux of the tale, and more details cannot be revealed as it may contain spoilers.

The director has narrated this story in an emotional way. He has given more preference to substanceand has tried his best to showcase the star in a natural avatar.

The initial moments of the first halfbeginin a slow manner, but within few minutes, the director shifts the proceedings to top gear, and from then, we will witness an in and out Rajinikant show.

His grace is still at its peak, and the screen presence he has is unquestionable.

The music is another attraction of this movie. TheSanthos Narayan's BGM will increase your adrenaline rush without any doubts.

The songs are also well crafted, and the picturization is impeccable.

The cinematography is impressive, and the Bangkok visuals are all crafted perfectly.

In all probabilities, Kabaali is going to emerge as an all-time blockbuster in the career of Rajnikant, and it may even gross more than 400 Crore at the box-office.

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