Just days ago, rumors began to circulate that Vince Herbert had discovered his wife Tamar Braxton was cheating on him with a "high profile" man. The report claimed that Herbert had left his reality star wife and was threatening to get full custody of their son Logan.

Even Vince Herbert doesn't believe the rumors

The reports aren't true, though, according to both Braxton and Herbert who have made statements about their marriage amid some pretty nasty divorce rumors. It all started with Tamar taking to Snapchat on Sunday to show her fans a clip where she's singing the Mariah Carey song "Always Be My Baby" in Vince Herbert's ear.

In the caption, Tamar quipped that Vince hates when she sings in his ear.

Fast forward to Monday and Vince Herbert has also gone public with claims that his marriage is doing just fine. In a Hip Hollywood exclusive, Herbert reportedly told the editor Kevin Frazier, "When people see you have blessings, they always want to tear you down."

Additionally, Herbert explained that he and Tamar are doing just fine. Rather than sorting through a messy divorce that involved private investigators as B. Scott reported, Vince says that right now they are focusing on getting Tamar's next album done.

Just a day earlier, Tamar and Vince were seen at church together with their 3-year old son Logan. So far, there seems to have been a slew of shady divorce rumors lately that have literally no merit.

Tamar and Vince both speak out against divorce rumors

If Tamar and Vince really are having relationship trouble, they are hiding it well. Not to mention that no one ever named who the supposed mystery man that Tamar Braxton was accused of cheating with.

Now that both husband and wife have said something about their actually not being plans to split, the rumors can die down. Tamar certainly has enough going on with their work on her album and the drama surrounding her recent exit from her former talk show, "The Real."

Do you think there was any merit to the rumors that Vince Herbert was filing for divorce from Tamar Braxton? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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