Survivor's Remorse returned on Sunday, July 24th for the Starz hit series' third season.Things took up just where they left off in season two finding the Calloways suffering a major family tragedy, one that will severely affect each and every family member in a major way.

Starz series 'Survivors Remorse' a fan favorite.

Time to slow your roll readers if you have not yet watched the season three premiere of "Survivor's Remorse" on Starz because there are spoilers on the way.

Here we go. What Survivor's Remorse fans is just not absolutely in love with each and every family member yet?

Fans are beginning to get very invested, and it really showed following the season three debut when we had to say a much too soon goodbye to Uncle Julius (Mike Epps) when it became a trending topic on Twitter Sunday night.

Saying goodbye to everyone's favorite uncle.

Season two left us all wondering if Uncle J would survive the horrific car crash. Sad to say he did not. This left a major hole in the Calloway family dynamics, and the entire family is broken.

Cam, who is played by Jessie T. Usher, is blaming himself for his uncle's death, and it is going to effect his new relationship with Allison, which was just beginning to get super serious for the pro-basketball star.

At this point, it looks to be up in the air as to whether or not the two can survive this and it could be over before it really even got started. Allison looks to be a painful reminder to Cam that if he had not been so into pleasing her with a new car, then Uncle J would still be with us.

Cam and Allison's future bleak.

Cam bought a top of the line Cadillac Escalade for Allision, who denied the gift opting to keep her undependable, piece of junk car.

Cam destroys the car later that night by setting fire to it. One thing is for sure Mary Charles is not going to let anyone forget that she believes Allison is 1000 percent responsible for her uncle's death.

In theory, she is not, Cam wanted her to ride in the new car, while Julius drove her crappy car back to be fixed again by the mechanic.

What the family is just not aware of yet is Julius is responsible for his death.

He went out doing what he loved to do, get high.

Had he not been smoking his dope, he would have never of dropped the pipe, taking his eyes off the road and running the stop sign.This is all soon to come out on the tox screen.

Can Reggie hold the Calloway's together?

Cassie, Cam's mom, and Julius' sister is for sure going to lose grip in the upcoming episodes while mourning hr brother's death.

Hopefully, Cam's pro-basketball career will not be jeopardized once again by his family member's antics. The big question is will cousin Reggie,

Cam's manager and best friend be able to control the crazy Calloway family, or will he be too busy thinking about his own career, reaching for those big bucks to take notice if Cam's new world begins to crash and burn around him?

If you are not watching the hit Starz's series Survivor's Remorse, you should be. The show has it all, laughter, drama and a cast of characters that you will grow to love fast.

If you are a Starz subscriber the previous two seasons are available on demand to stream at your convenience. New episodes of the series air on Sunday nights at 10 pm on Starz.

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