Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan is now a happy man, as his latest movie Sultan is turning out to be the biggest blockbuster of his career.

The film which made its way to the big screens on last Wednesday has collected more than Rs. 219 Crores as of now from the Indian box-office. The figure will even reach new heights if an accurate number of overseas collection gets available.

From day one, the film has been enjoying high theatrical collections, and it is continuing steadily even today.

Trade pundits believe that the revenue may drop as a working week is going on, and they predict that things will be back on track by the Friday night show.

The earnings were not that bright as ticket charges dropped after the weekend.

The first of the theatrical run began with a gross of Rs. 36.54 Crore and it was soon followed by 37. 21, 34.47 and 35.20 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday respectively.

On Sunday, the revenues saw an all-time high, as the film made 39.16 Cr.

Even on each weekday, the income was more than 12 crores which is unbelievable.

Most of the playhouses all around India have been witnessing more than 90% attendance for the past six holidays and is expected to continue.

This movie is becoming the second ever outing in the career of Sallu to cross the elite $30 million mark. Salman's pevious outing collecteed 316 Cr worldwide.

Listen to the audience response:

In this Abas Zaffar directorial, we can see Salaman in the role of a daring wrestler.

Anuksha has enacted the character of lady lead, and their onscreen chemistry is one of the major highlights of this cinema.

Sulatan is filled with all kinds of masala elements to meet the needs of typical moviegoers.

Akashay Kumar's recent flick earned the maximum this year, but Sallu's film overtook the lifetime earnings in just a week, which is commendable.

Looks like our hero has got a body ache after shooting for all the fight scenes. Sources suggest that the actor is already getting ready for his next project which requires him to undergo a complete body transformation.

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