The members of Pearson, Specter, and Littcan be accused of a lot of things, but no one can ever call them quitters.

The team continued to fight their way out of trouble on this episode of Suits, with Lewis, Harvey, Rachel and Mike undertaking most of the jousting duties.

New tenants in town.

In order to make up for the empty space left by former employees, Jessica asks Lewis to find a new firm to sub-let their office floor.

Lewis, as always, takes his job a bit too seriously, and it is a characteristic that usually leads to his own downfall.

After blowing off Donna’s services in the task to ensure that he can get the job done, Lewis ends up subletting the space to a group of jock stock traders.

The very idea of these cocky individuals sharing the same floor as his own firm gets under Lewis’ skin, and he spends the rest of the episode trying to evict the new neighbors.

Compromises aplenty.

Harvey and Mike are forced to make some severe compromises during this episode, but their reasons couldn’t be far apart.

The firm needs new clients and Harvey, being a legendary closer, has to be the one to drive home the business.

After Jessica sets him up with a client that he does not trust, Harvey takes it upon himself to choose the lesser of two evils and rely on an old acquaintance in order to keep his firm afloat.

It is clear that Harvey does not want to repeat the mistakes from his past and work with people who are willing to play fast and loose with the law.

As he rightfully says during this episode – “When you lie down with dogs, you come up with fleas”.

Politics of prison.

Frank Gallow is getting closer to extracting his revenge on Harvey by preying on Mike and his only friend in prison – Kevin Miller.

Even though Mike and Kevin try their best to protect each other and fend for themselves,

Gallow manages to best the duo and inflict a beat down on Kevin.

Mike tries to get Gallow transferred to another block by using the help of his counselor, but he eventually finds out from Harvey that Gallow is an informant for an ongoing case, and it is impossible to transfer him due to technical reasons.

Instead of letting everyone in prison know that Gallow is a snitch, Mike lures Gallow into a compromise by reminding him of an upcoming parole date.

Expected backlash.

Rachel struggles to move on with life after Mike is thrown into prison but her peers at Law school do make her job easier for her.

During a case involving her ethics class, she is reminded by one of her competitors of the irony involving Rachel participating in an ethics debate, despite her acting unethically during Mike’s trial.

Rachel relies on some solid advice from one of the strongest women she knows – Jessica Pearson, in order to make a strong impression in class.

Tough choices ahead.

The real hook during this episode was the bombshell revealed during the final few minutes.

Harvey is told that Mike can get an early release if he gives up important information about Kevin Miller, his cellmate and only friend.

Mike has already gone to prison to protect his friends, but will he stay in jail for the same reason, especially after some serious encounters with Gallow?

What do you think Mike will do?

Will Lewis get back at Harvey for allowing the stock traders to take the offices? Please post your comments below.

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