After an interesting premiere that set the tone for the most distinct season of the series so far, the second episode managed to dive deeper into Mike’s issues in prison while also giving Harvey plenty of curveballs to tackle.

Friend or foe

The brilliant twist at the end of the season premiere revealed that Mike’s temporary cellmate, Frank Gallow, was actually a victim of Harvey’s legal prowess, and he is not one to let things go even after spending a long time in prison. Mike takes out his frustration on his actual cellmate, Kevin Miller, for playing a part in the ordeal and not standing up to Gallow.

Miller attempts to prove his decency to Mike during the course of the episode, even as Mike makes his opinions about Miller abundantly clear.

Ghosts in the closet

Whenever Pearson, Specter and Litt face any difficulties whatsoever, it appears as if a hundred latent enemies have been waiting in the shadows, ready to pounce on the weakened firm. Two old rivals reared their ugly heads yet again, as the group attempted to save their face and firm from the hands of investigators and investors. The group is forced to resort to burying hatchets and even dipping into their own savings in order to ward off the immediate threats.

Caught in the crossfire

Harvey is dealt a tough hand in this episode as he is seen caught in the crossfire between Mike and Rachel’s expectations of him. Mike expects him to let him handle his enemies in prison, while Rachel asks Harvey to do whatever is necessary to get Mike out of jail. Harvey is even robbed out of a precious childhood memory when the wolves from his past start howling at the gates of his firm.

He is forced to make some tough decisions, and this episode highlights Harvey’s strength and loyalty perfectly.

The most unique facet about this season so far involves the level of attention each of the individual core members of the show seem to be receiving thanks to the new direction. The spotlight remains on the principle characters and their growth during this adversity. Are you liking the new season of Suits?

Do you think Mike will get out of jail before he serves his time? Please post your comments below.

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