You could always count on Suits to deliver stylish one-liners, pop-culture references and a great cast. For the first time in five seasons, the series decided to make things very real by throwing real-world consequences into the mix. Sending Mike Ross to prison was a bold and unexpected move, one that is sure to change the dynamics of season 6, and this was evident from the first episode.

Inside four walls

The premiere attempted to break down the events of last season by dividing the action into two distinct parts - events that occur inside the prison with Ross and those that occur in the law firm with the rest of the characters.

Despite being on-screen together for five years, you immediately come to miss the near-legendary on-screen chemistry between Mike and Harvey, allowing the events being played out to feel more realistic. Mike has a tough time adjusting to prison, unsurprisingly, and has a tense encounter with his correctional officer. He does find reprieve thanks to a cell mate with a sense of humor who tries to talk him through his first time in prison.

Us Vs Them

All the characters from the law firm have a difficult time dealing with Mike going to prison as well, the incident being specially hard on Rachel and Harvey.

While Jessica and Donna try to give them their space, Lewis insists that they begin to deal with the much larger problem developing around them, which is that everyone from the firm has abandoned and left the place after the end of Mike's case. The other partners have also high-tailed from the premises and are in fact coming after the three name partners by filing a hundred million dollar class-action lawsuit against them.

The high pressure situation building around the team manages to crack Harvey and Lewis first, and eventually trickles down to Donna and Rachel as well. The episode focuses on each character as they try to find his or her mental space to deal with Mike's prison sentence and fight his or her way from the law suit.

Don't trust anyone

As the group outside the prison struggles to put personal differences aside to bail their firm from yet another scandal, Mike manages to confide in his new cellmate and even contacts Rachel using his cellmates' phone.

Unfortunately for Mike, you can't trust anyone, especially in Suits, and most of all in Suits' prison. His new cellmate turns out to be a scorned convict who got put away for a long time thanks to Harvey, and has only been using Mike to gain dirt on the law school heavyweight. Mike gets his first taste of prison rules and his friends have no way of contacting him for another month. A great premiere overall, building well on the tension created by a quality last season.

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