Move over, Game of Thrones, there's a new kid in town. And yes, "Stranger Things" fans, there will be a Season 2, so you can breathe now. If you just finished season 1 of the Netfix Original sci-fi chiller and are left with more questions than answers, rest assured you'll get them. Hopefully, at some point. Netflix demurely scuffed toe in sand and said, it could, maybe make more seasons if fans really wanted it. They really want it. The freakishly popular "Stranger Things" series is making addicts of everyone.

"Stranger Things" hits Stephen King spot

Do you love Stephen King movies? Do you wish he was still writing such awesome sci-fi classics as "The Dead Zone" and "The Shining" and "It"? Do you long for a remake of "Cujo" or "Christine?" Well, hold onto your dog food and pass the radiator fluid, kiddos because "Stranger Things" will satisfy your lust for things King. It even hits the correct time period of late 1970s, early 1980s, when a lot of King stories are set. There are all the elements -- a gang of precocious misfit science geeks, secret government laboratories, clueless adults, creepy Slender Man-like creatures, and a rather charming savant named "Eleven" with superhuman powers.

The literary and old school creep show references seem to entice younger viewers, too.

"Stranger Things" mostly nails 80s culture

The 80s cultural references are pretty much spot-on: girls wear huge glasses and mom has a shag haircut. The sheriff drives a Ford Bronco. Kids play with new Millennium Falcon toys and Dungeons & Dragons game (the precursor to Game of Thrones). Grownups talk about Reagan's Star Wars program.

A loner teen gets into weird new music called "punk."

Even "Stranger Things"

Without giving spoilers, suffice it to say that "Stranger Things" season 1 left some problems unsolved. It ends well, ostensibly, but below the surface, the conclusion hints, trouble still brews and all is not as it seems. Well, old sins cast long shadows, as they say. And no conundrum is really solved without creating a whole new set of curiosities to investigate.

So stay tuned, "Stranger Things" addicts for the next hit of this Netflix Original.

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