Magicians have really stepped up on their game on 'America's Got Talent'. First, Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos wowed the judges enough in his second audition to earn a golden buzzer and advance immediately to the live shows. Then, a child magician named Kadan Rockett pulled people out of thin air and switched places with his sister in a trick that could only be described as wizardry. Now, magician Steven Brundage has pulled off another amazing trick with a Rubik's cube that I will probably never be able to piece together.


Steven Brundage had a fantastic first audition, wowing the judges with a unique Rubik's cube trick that nobody was able to wrap their head around. If you haven't seen his first audition, you can check out the video below to see it:

That was already pretty impressive, but Brundage really blew the judges away with his next audition. This time, Brundage incorporated some cards into his act, making his feats with the Rubik's cube even more impressive.Simon Cowell was so surprised that he could only describe what he saw as magic, thinking of no other possible explanation for what the magician had just done.

The other judges were left speechless, including Mel B who constantly exclaimed her patented "Oh, No" throughout the act.

Steven Brundage's future

The talented magician already had a career outside of 'America's Got Talent', but the show should help propel Brundage to even bigger fame. He's obviously going to go far in the show, thanks to his unique style of magic that nobody else in the world has done.

The only question is how far Brundage can take is act?

How much can you really do with just one Rubik's cube? Brundage has already exhausted two of his best tricks with the cube, which means that he will likely have to reach further into his bag of tricks to advance further in the competition. Still, it's pretty obviousthat Brundage is one of the best magicians on the show right now.

All Brundage needs now is a story to help him in his quest for America's votes.

Eagles player Jon Dorenbos is surrounded by plenty of intrigue, and young magician Kadan Rockett is hard not to fall in love with. To compete, Brundage will need to sell himself more in the coming rounds. It's pretty easy to do that when you can come up with unbelievable tricks using just a Rubik's cube. Hopefully, Brundage will continue to succeed in using the box to his advantage.

Unfortunately, Brundage was eliminated during judge cuts. But I guarantee that one of the judges will be bringing him back when they get a chance to.

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