It has been a while since Stephen Colbert has had even a smidgeon of influence, having changed the hip perch at Comedy Central for the more mainstream and high profile position as host of The Late Show. Colbert has had lots of trouble appealing to a broader audience than the stoner, slacker millennials who used to hang on his every snark. The network has been desperately trying to retool The Late Show with Stephen Colbert before they suffer the humiliation of letting him out of his contract in favor of someone funnier, say Craig Ferguson.

So, recently, Colbert did something that he rarely does. He went off on an epic rant against Hillary Clinton.

The subject of Colbert’s rant was Clinton’s well-known reputation, now seeping into the consciousness of the left, as a liar and a fraud. While she is not going to jail over the email server affair, at least until President Donald Trump reopens the investigation, the current head of the FBI, James Comey, delivered a devastating analysis of what Clinton actually did and why she should not be elected president as a result.

Hillary Clinton has suffered a hit at the polls, despite some self-inflicted wounds on the part of Donald Trump.

Back when Colbert was following Jon Stewart at Comedy Central, the phrase would have started with, “When you’ve lost Stephen Colbert…” Colbert is something of a has been in popular culture despite the fact that he has a bigger show and a wider audience. Still, the statement may apply as it represents a turning of some on the left against Hillary Clinton’s “all will worship me and despair” act.

The rant may also constitute a change in Colbert’s strategy. The reason that Colbert has been tanking at The Late Show is that he has dropped his fake right wing persona that served him well on Comedy Central and has gone straight leftist in who and what he makes fun of. By directing his ridicule at Hillary Clinton, he is playing to an underserved but potentially vast audience: people who loath and despise Hillary and Bill Clinton and who pray daily for they getting what they deserve.

They’ll settle for the occasional late night zinger – for now.

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