Thomas Ravenel is taking care of his kids, 2-year-old Kensington and 8-month-old St. Julien, as his former girlfriend and Southern Charm co-star, Kathryn Dennis, reportedly seeks treatment for substance abuse at a Malibu, California rehab center.On Instagram in recent weeks, Ravenel has sharedphotos of his daughter and son, and in his latest social media post, both children are seen. "Big sister Kensie already being a big help with her baby brother," Ravenel wrote in the caption of the photo, adding the hashtag, "sisterly love."

Thomas Ravenel's social media postings are few and far between

While Thomas Ravenel shares photos of his kids from time to time, he often goes weeks without appearing on social media at all.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis, is typically quite active on her accounts.That said, Ravenel's posts have definitely increased in the weeks since he began spending more time with his kids. In fact, nearly all of Ravenel's posts in the last couple of months have featured Kensington and St. Julien.

Thomas Ravenel's relationship with Kathryn Dennis was strained from the start

Ravenel and Dennis, the mother of his children, have had a troubled relationship since they began dating at the end of Southern CharmSeason 1. After Dennis quickly became pregnant with the former politician's first child, things between them appeared to be going well at first. Then, after Kensington was born, they split.

Although Ravenel and Dennis reconciled months after their breakup and later welcomed their second child, things between them continued to be strained and late last year, they called it quits for good. However, the end of their relationship wasn't the end of their drama and after parting ways, the two began feuding over time with their kids.

Kathryn Dennis is reportedly in rehab

According to Fit News, Thomas Ravenel's ex-girlfriend entered rehab earlier this month after failing a court-ordered drug test during her custody battle with Ravenel. While Dennis hasn't yet confirmed she is seeking treatment for substance abuse, she continues to share photos from California.

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