The rumors have been flying about Kathryn Dennis for a while now. ThisSouthern Charm star didn't pass her drug test, which made it where her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel got the kids every other week and when Kathryn had them she had to spend time with her parents. Now reports are out that Kathryn is in rehab getting help for her drug problems.

What has been revealed about Kathryn Dennis?

A source shared with Fits News that Kathryn Dennis is in rehab now and getting help. If you remember correctly, Thomas Ravenel offered to pay for her to go to rehab, but at the time it didn't sound like she was interested at all.

Fits News has been able to put out some exclusive information on this show before that was correct, so it wouldn't be shocking if they were right again.

The source shared that Kathryn Dennis is in a Malibu, California-based drug rehabilitation center to seek unspecified treatment. She allegedly started there earlier this month. At this time, there is no word on how long Kathryn will be there for, though.

What does Thomas Ravenel have to say about this?

Thomas has made it very clear that even though he isn't with Kathryn, he wants the best for her and their two children.

Fits News reached out to both Thomas and Kathryn for comments, and neither one of them are sharing a thing. Everyone would love to hear it straight from them. Kathryn has posted on social networks, but a source said this is part of her treatment.

Thomas Ravenel has had some issues with drugs in the past as well, but he seems to be doing good now. He totally passed his drug tests with flying colors.

That makes it sound like Thomas is doing a lot better than Kathryn is right now.

Do you believe that Kathryn Dennis is in rehab for drug abuse? Do you think that this will help her get where she can see her kids again without her parents around? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. At this time, Bravo hasn't confirmed thatSouthern Charm will be back for another season, but fans are hopeful it will return.

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