Want coolaid?

If you’re a 90’s baby, you know real music back in that decade. Even if your parents had a backyard party, playing rap music from artists like Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Ice Cube. You still listen to that music today because the beats and rhymes made complete sense since these rappers were telling their stories from their childhood to being a rapper. The music back in that decade is still cherished today rather than the music that’s playing on our radios.

Today, whenever I go to a party that one of my family members hosts, they still play the ol’school music that everyone would sing along and jam their hearts out to.

However, some artists today are releasing albums before they even mention to the world that they are in production recording a new album. For example, no one knew Beyoncé [VIDEO] was going to release her “Lemonade,” album. This is what rapper Snoop Dogg did with an album called “Coolaid.”

Coolaid is Dogg’s fourteenth album, which includes twenty tracks. It’s insane that he’s still making music and that he’s still making more money than ever. The CD starts off with “Legend,” the intro song that breaks down into an extensive history of himself declaring he’s a legend for rapping his whole entire life.

Then goes on with “Ten Toes Down,” a traditional riding song that you can jump and dance to. Another single “Kush Ups,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, has released a video of the two rappers smoking weed while dressing very classy. These three songs are my favorites from the album. My all-time favorite songs from Dogg is “Who I Am (What’s My Name),” “Nuttin’ But a “G” Thang,” and “Gin and Juice,” because my father still play these songs all the time.

From listening to this whole album, you can tell the rapper has gone back to his roots.

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The album has made its debut featuring rappers like E-40, Swizz Beatz, Suga Free, Too $hort, Jeremih, Trick Trick and Wiz Khalifa. If you want to listen to some ol’school music, then listen to Snoop Dogg.

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