Snoop Dogg, the music legend, just appeared on Family Feud and gave a few answers for the ages. The highlights included a question about weed, a Fast Money round that included a Snoop Dogg victory, and an answer that no sane human being could ever have given.

Weed question

The self professed King of Weed somehow managed to screw up a question that he probably knows more about than anyone. Just check out the clip below.

Somehow,Snoopwas beaten in his area of expertise by Sugar Ray Leonard in the face-off.

Snoop'sfamily was later given another chance in the category, but they still failed to grab the points from the opposing family. Pretty shocking for the man who has publicly professed his love of weed.

Fast Money

Despite the slip up on that question, Snoop and his team managed to make it all the way to the fast money round. For the challenge, the team chose Robin and Snoop Dogg, despite his bungled effort to answer the weed question. Robin, Snoop's cousin, managed to get a whopping 141 points in the first round of Fast Money, which meant that Snoop needed just 59 points to win $25,000 for a football league.

Take a look at the clip below to find out how he did in the Fast Money Round.

Steve Harvey prefaced the round with a prediction that would later end up true. He warned Snoop that a bad answer could land him on YouTube, which is exactly where his answers during the Fast Money round placed him. When asked the question, "Fill in the blank, pie in the what,"Snoop Dogg responded with the ridiculous answer of horse.

Shockingly, none of the 100 people surveyed chose to say horse. To be fair, sky and face are the two answers that come to mind. But horse is still an absolutely ridiculous answer that immediately propelled Snoop to YouTube stardom.

And Snoop was just one point away from evading the embarrassment of his ridiculous answer. He had exactly 199 points prior to the question that proved to be his downfall.

Snoop's next answer would put his team over the required 200 points necessary to win the Fast Money round. He might have made a fool of himself, but he still got the clutch victory for his team.

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