Are the Sister Wives of Kody Brown nursing this reality show patriarch through a midlife crisis or would viewers who have watched this show from the beginning describe Kody as a man in a perpetual midlife crisis? What ever is going on with Kody Brown, his antics have reportedly delayed the announcement of a Sister Wives season 8. Nothing official has come down from the powers who be at the TLC network that puts this reality show in line for another season.

Kody leaves one wife home.

Kody with only three of hisSister Wives in tow showedup for the TLC Block Party earlier this month, playing it up for the fans.

There was no mention of why Robyn did not join them for this husband and wives outing, but she wasn't spotted among Kody Brown's harem.

Midlife crisis or perpetual teen?

The Parent Herald reports on the average age for a man to experience a midlife crisis and Kody fits the bill at 47 years old with most men going through this event anywhere between the age of 37 up into their 50s. When thispolygamous Brown family first broke on the reality show scene, there was Kody Brown and his three Sister Wives, as they debuted before Robyn was part of the family.

Back then folks were amazed to see the lifestyle Kody had set up for himself. Now with 7 seasons under their belt, viewers somewhat get immune to the antics, so the show does need to up the ante for that wow-factor for their viewers. With that said, are the rumors out there today about Kody Brown wanting to take on two more wives part of a publicity ploy? Even the reports that cancellation looms over Sister Wives might work at pulling people back in.

Origins of Brown Family.

The women of the Brown family kept everything going in the one family house they shared back when Sister Wives first aired and it was hard to pin point just what Kody did besides show up in scenes. This is a family man with a dozen and a half kids, yet his mode of transportation is a sports car. Before Kody Brown and his original three wives were lucky enough to land a reality show, this guy had fathered all these children with three wives with no viable way of supporting his brood.

Lots of love but no money?

As Starcasm reports in an archived article, the three sister wivesand their children were on food stamps and all three wives reportedly filed bankruptcy at different times, shifting the finances from one name to another. Only Meri was legally married to Kody back then, so the other two wives would be viewed as single mothers when it came time for benefits to be doled out, such as food stamps.

CNN News did a segment on Sister Wives a few years backin which producer Laurie Allensaid, “these people are scamming every which way." She went on to list the bankruptcy filings and the food stamps this family received.

The 'Sister Wives' season 8 still up in the air?

Now that rumors haveKody Brownlooking to marry not one, but two more wives, people are suggesting it could be a midlife crisis. Reports have TLC not on board with Kody's intentions of marrying these two women, one of whom is the step-niece of his wife Robyn, which puts this on a level just north of taboo.

With what is known about Kody, this doesn't sound like a man who ever grew up. This is a man who created a humongous family without the means to support them! It is hard to say he's going through a midlife crisis vs. Kody Brown just being a man who is stuck with the mind of a teenager.

He continues to hop from one bed to another with his four wives and the kids just keep coming. It is not surprising that they showed up at the TLC Block Party even with season 8 still in jeopardy of not materializing. Before Sister Wives reality show came along, it doesn't appear as if this family had any stable source of income.

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