Sister Wives Season 8 may very well materialize as a friend of the Brown family has said that if Kody marrying two new wives is a deal breaker for another season of Sister Wives on TLC, he won't be heading in that direction. The family friend, Kendra Pollard, did say that Kody has been "hot" on the topic of collecting two more wives, but keeping the Sister Wives show intact will drive the bus on his decision.

Kody to keep show intact

The same thing happened back in season 6 when season 7 was on the line, reminds the Master Herald.

The rumorsafter the season 6 finale, which seemed much more reality based than the rumors floating around now about the show being canceled, also plagued the Brown family. Back then the rumors tagged it as jealousy that drove Sister Wives veryclose to a collision course with the wives of Kody Brown feeling neglected.

Lusting like a teenager not so long ago

Kody had just married Robyn and the two were acting like teenagers in love, leaving his other three sister wivesrightfully appearing jealous. This was more based in reality because viewers could actually see Kody acting like a love struck teenager following Robyn around the house like a puppy dog.

The other wives looked a bit jealous, as she was younger and very much in shape. But most of all... she seemed to have Kody's undivided attention.

That honeymoon period waned and harmony once again broke out in the Kody Brown households, all four of them! The publicity around Kody's lusting after Robyn and paying little attention to his other wives worked in favor of the Sister Wivesshow. It kept fans interested in between seasons 6 and 7 and it probably did bring a lot a people back, if for nothing else, out of curiosity as to how the Robyn vs.

three wives turned out.

Rumors just keeping viewers' interest?

It is very feasible something along these lines is happening again. Even the friend, who spilled all the beans about Kody eyeing two more wives, wondered if Kody's infatuation for a couple of new wives was based in love or based in ratings.

The Browns know the two women rumored to be in Kody's scope for matrimony. One is Robyn's step niece, which for sure wouldn't sit well with the fans.

The other is Amber, with no last name mentioned. Both women are young, as Mindy Jessop, Robyn's step-niece, was the young babysitter for the Brown kids a while back.

The hiatus between seasons is long and with the amount of TV shows premiering each week it is hard to keep a fan base intact when on hiatus. It stands to reason with all the rumors going on about Kody eyeing new young wives, people will tune back in as their curiosity will drive them back.

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It seems that polygamy popularity is another thing to come out of theSister Wives show,asone man in Hartford, Connecticut, has been very open about his two wives. In a Facebook post today referencing an article from Media Take Out back in February, a man who calls himself Curt Curt has posted pictures of his two wives, who are also the mothers of his children.

It appears that Sister Wives has given polygamy some fame, but unlike the Brown family, who have multiple relationships for religious purposes, many others aren't doing this under an umbrella of religion.

This appears to be the case with the man in Connecticut sporting two wives. Still, shows like Sister Wivesand Big Love, have offered up a peek into a world were the man rules the roost with many women in the house! This apparently is appealing to some men and women.

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