News, or rather rumors, about Sister Wives season 8 not happening and the Reality TV show facing a cancellation by TLC after seven seasons sprung up after Kody Brown’s family friend Kendra Pollard told Life & Style in an interview that Kody was planning on adding two more wives to his polygamist family. According to Pollard, Kody’s four wives, who are like sisters to each other, are apparently not giving the head of the polygamist family enough support and attention. Feeling insufficiently supported, Kody is reportedly planning on taking on two more wives, which fans fear might be too much for viewers or TLC.

Is Sister Wives really facing a cancellation after seven seasons or will TLC announce a new air date of the reality television show? Here is an update.

Kody Brown’s two new wives.

TLC’s reality TV star Kody is legally married to Robyn, used to be legally married to Meri, and also considers Janelle and Christine to be his wives. Together with the polygamist family’s 18 children, the family lives in Las Vegas and shares their life with viewers. Fans of TLC’s reality television show are familiar with Kody’s alleged new prospective wives including Robyn’s step-niece Mindy Jessop and Amber, a friend of the family. Mindy and Amber both love children, the polygamist Brown family, and the amazing family values that fans got to share and experience during season seven of the reality television series.

Meri Brown’s reaction to the cancellation rumors.

Meri, who sacrificed her legal marriage to Kody Brown so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her three children, is setting the Sister Wives season 8 cancellation rumors straight while the reality television show is on hiatus and TLC has not yet officially published a new air date for season 8.

According to Meri, the matriarch of TLC’s polygamist reality television show, the relationship among the sister wives could not be better.

In regard to Janelle, Meri says that they complement each other perfectly because Janelle plans by thinking while she plans by doing. In regard to Aspyn having moved in with Robyn, the addition resulted in sister wives Robyn and Christine having become “super close.” As for her relationship with Robyn, Meri makes it clear that they are both on the same side when it comes to the false rumors about a cancellation of their reality television series because Kody wants to add two more wives to the family.

As for Kody and his alleged plans to discard his four current sister wives and to replace them with two younger wives, the most recent pictures taken at TLC’s Summer Party in Chicago speak more than a thousand words.

The network and Kody Brown’s polygamist family are united in dancing and celebrating summer. Even if Kody were to add any more wives to the family, the more the merrier.

Why hasn’t TLC announced a new air date?

Season 7 of Sister Wives ended with the June 26 Tell All original air date, and since then, TLC has been busy putting together its July 16 Chicago Summer Party -- featuring no other than the cast of the Brown reality television family. Judging from the party’s events, TLC’s website, the network’s numerous videos of Kody Brown’s wives, and Meri debunking all cancellation rumors, there is no reason at all for fans to fear a cancellation of the reality television series.

Seeing pictures of Kody Brown and his four sister wives together at the party should put all cancellation rumors to rest and have fans look forward to TLC’s announcement of a new air date for Sister Wives season 8.

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