It's hard to fathom that Sister Wives, a show about a polygamous family, is on the cusp of being canceled because some of the things planned byKody Brown are deemed as inappropriate,but this is what recent reports are indicating. It sounds as ifSister Wivesseason 8 is in jeopardy as the TLC folks want nothing to with Kody's plan on growing the family via two new marriages, so say the reports. Isn't that what aman practicingpolygamy does, take on more wives? Yes, but it is who he has his eye on that offers up a problem this time around.

Deal breaker?

The Parent Herald reports thatTLC networkis a bit perturbed overKody wanting to add two new wives to his family, especially since one of the women he has in his scope may be looked upon as taboo by the viewers. Are Kody's latest intentions bubbling up out of lust or is this a true religious calling to fill his ship with more women of child-bearing age?

The new women are much younger than the wives he already services at home. It was originally reported that Kody was tossing out the four old wives and replacing them with these two new women, but apparently he plans on keeping them all?

This sounds a bit ludicrous even for the man-child Kody Brown, but again,these are rumored reports with nothing official coming from the patriarch of the Brown family himself.

Does lust factor in?

Both women are well known to the entire family as one is a family friend and the other a relative. The family friend is Amber and she is tagged as one of Kody's hopefuls. But the concerns are mainly around Mindy Jessop, who is Robyn's step-niece.

Ifshe were to join Sister Wives, what does this say about Kody?

These two women have been around the family, in fact Mindy was a babysitter for the Brown children. Does this mean that Kody has been secretly lusting over the family friend and relative whenever they've been nearby? If Kody were to go through a wife ceremony andbed down Robyn's step-niece while he's in an intimate relationship with Robyn, this would be way too risque, even for a show about polygamy.

Too close for comfort

If he were to take on Robyn's step-niece, this is not a case of incest, but it might feel asifit's pretty dang close for some viewers!The reports indicate that if Kody decides to move forward with his bizarre infatuation of Robyn's step-niece and set up housekeeping with this girl, it will be a deal breaker for TLC.

This is not the only reason the show is in jeopardy of cancellation, according to the recent reports. It appears Meri's catfish scandal is also a problem for the network, as their goal was to show the life of a successful polygamous family.As time goes on it seems that Kody and his Sister Wives have moved further and further away from the original premise of the show.

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