Kody Brown and his Sister Wives definitely march to a tune of a different drummer and now rumor has it he's about to march all four wives out the door and take in two newer wives to replace them. Apparently the Sister Wives, of Kody Brown are not only getting older, but a bit wiser and they've learned that the sun doesn't always rise and set when Kody Brown says it does!

Sister Wives cushy life for Kody Brown

Meri's catfish scandal is explained by Kody as just an online friendship because she was feeling a bit vulnerable and this was a wake-up call for him, reports the Master Herald.

It looked like Meri might possibly leave, which wouldput season 8 in jeopardy. So why wouldn't Kody sprinkle a bunch of sugar on this for some PR, he wants to keep the show going for this lifestyle he's created. This is a man-child with four wives who take care of all his needs. He has a rolling bedroom schedule and best of all, this show is making him money. Why would he want to change a thing?

Trade in four and get two newer models?

Rumor has it that he is ready to dump the four wives for two younger ones, who are probably still naive enough to worship Kody as the women he has as wives today did at one time.

So it may be that Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn are old hat and being replaced by Amanda and Mindy Jessop. Amanda, who is also known as "Amber," is a family friend of the Browns. Wow for the Sister Wives, with friends like this who needs enemies?

Mindy is Robyn's step-niece and that's enough said... talk about keeping it all in the family! Mindy is rumored to already have one foot in the door when it comes to being welcomed by the 18-kids of Kody Brown because she used to babysit them all.

This is just sounding more and more off-the-wall, now Kody is eyeing the kids' babysitter as his next wife? Let's hope these are rumors for the kids' sake.

It's all about the man-child's wishes

Instead of asking what a divorce might do to these kids, who live an alternative lifestyle in comparison to most other kids, the controversy is centered around what is good for Kody. He's tired of all the drama, so he wants to move on.This is one strange bunch of folks!

The Christian today is also reporting that it is rumored Kody is ready to trade four old Sister Wives for two newer models. Does part of this polygamous lifestyle come with an easy come easy go clause... as they get older it is just fine to put them out to pasture? It is funny how this family revolves around what is good for Kody, not the kids and certainly not the Sister Wives.While you can't believe everything you hear today, watching this family in action you do realize that they are capable of some odd behaviors.

Marrying the babysitter?

It wasn't that long ago that Robyn was the apple of Kody's eye after bringing her home as his fourth wife.

The other three women were jealous as Robyn and Kody ran around like a couple of teenage lovers in the beginning. That grew old quick as reports today indicate that Robyn changed her tune. She turned into an outspoken and moody wife while she was pregnant leaving Kody and the other three Sister Wives tiptoeing around her. So marrying the babysitter is a quick fix for this? These new reports, or rumors, are ludicrous, although after watching Sister Wives for seven seasons, you have to admit they are a bit strange!

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