Kody Brown, 47, has already four wives on TLC’s Sister Wives reality TV show. The Brown family, including Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and their 18 children, has sparked the interest of millions of viewers who are eager to watch what a polygamist lifestyle is like. When Sister Wives premiered in September 2010, more than 2.14 million viewers tuned in to watch Kody Brown’s polygamist family. As ShowBuzzDaily reports, 1,328,000 fans joined the family on the network on June 19, 2016, ranking TLC’s Reality TV show number 14 out of 150 original cable telecasts.

A rare family around the world.

While TLC is available in more than 92 million homes in the United States, the global numbers are even more stunning. About 332 million households in 186 international markets have access to the network. Because of the International Human Rights Law designed to protect the dignity of women, polygamy has become rare in the western world and other cultures that recognize the UN. As for the United States, which considers polygamy illegal, there is a fine line between cohabitation among the genders and their true relationship.

While one man cannot legally be married to more than one woman, there is no law that says a man cannot live with several women as long as the women are there on their free will. In regard to Kody Brown and his Sister Wives, the “husband” to four women is following the law by being married to just one, while the others consider themselves spiritual unions.

A lifestyle that draws in viewers.

While the Brown extended family is living a normal life as much as possible in Las Vegas, viewers are naturally intrigued about the dynamics that are going on between a man and four women and among the women themselves.

Kody was married to his first wife Meri until they legally divorced in September 2014 so that Brown could marry his fourth wife Robyn in order to adopt Robyn’s three children from another marriage. After 25 years of marriage, Meri “turned over” her “husband” to a younger woman?

In addition to the dynamic forces between a man and his female companions, the family includes numerous children. Mariah is Kody's and Meri’s only child.

With wife Janelle, Kody has six kids, with wife Christine the male head of the household has another six children, and now Kody and Robyn have their own two children together. The last addition to the family, child number 18, was when Robyn gave birth to baby girl Ariella Mae on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

Would TLC really cancel its top rated show?

Topics like marriage issues, children, deception, depression, jealousy, and intimate relationships are drawing in more than a million viewers just in the United States. So why are there rumors about TLC not continuing the reality TV show? Reportedly, Kendra Pollard, a good friend of Robyn, told Lifestyle & News in an interview that Kody Brown was upset about not getting enough support by his wives and that he was looking to teach them a lesson.

According to Pollard, Brown said that he “doesn't want to keep dealing with his current wives. They haven't been supportive of him, so Kody has planned the ultimate revenge." After season 6 had covered Meri and Kody’s divorce and her being a victim of a catfisher (a woman pretending to be a seductive man), season 7 had a chance to focus on Robyn and Kody’s marriage and the birth of Ariella Mae. As for the upcoming, but not officially announced season 8 of the reality TV show, the theme of Kody lusting for two younger women and the threat of his “ultimate revenge” would actually be a great way to draw even more viewers to Sister Wives.

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