Sharon Osbourne reacted to husband Ozzy Osbourne about their floundering marriage on her show "The Talk." Osbourne said she's standing by her cheating husband but intimated that the "dirty dog" needs a tighter leash, at least around his mouth."Um, 'Get back on the horse,' how dare you?" Sharon chided, in reference to euphemismsOzzy made on "Good Morning, America" about the couple's attempt to patch things up. The Osbournes' nigh on 34-year marriage (only to each other) is a rarity in the business.

And Sharon Osbourne admits that though he's a "dirty dog" he's worth sticking with.

Sharon gives cheater Ozzy Osbourne his say

Sharon Osbourne says that she can forgive his affair, but that her forgiveness would come at a price. She didn't stipulate said price, but it probably will involve proof of change, not just words. Mrs. O. says that Ozzy Osbourne wants to get on "The Talk" to apologize to everyone. She says she won't speak for him and that it will be awkward for everyone because he's embarrassed by his infidelity.

And when he's feeling uncomfortable, the Black Sabbath frontman isn't super coherent. Well, that's probably something many people can relate to. Sharon believes he owes the cast and viewers mea culpaes as they have been through it together. She seems to be willing to give her errant husband catharsis.

Ozzy tells Sharon Osbourne to forgive

It's pretty magnanimous of Sharon when you consider how adultery harms the cheated-on spouse.

There's a lot of blah-blah about how it hurts both marriage partners. Wrong. One person hurts and the other is hurt -- period. There's also a lot of perhaps well-meaning, definitely misguided, advice about how the hurt spouse needs to forgive. Easy to say, hard to do. And arguably, not what's needed. Forgiving adultery could be simply enabling further dysfunctional behavior. And if the cheaterthinks saying s/he is sorry is enough, well that's just more words without deeds.

Should Sharon forgive Ozzy?

Only she can decide that.Even if the adulterer is genuinely sorry, forgiving infidelity too soon can create heart ulcers that never heal properly. If a spouse chooses to forgive cheating, that is his/her decision to make if and when s/he feels ready. The cheated-on spouse should never be shamed into forgiving. His/her judgement on what's best for the relationship should be respected. After all, the cheater's judgement clearly can't be trusted, not for a long time and maybe never. And ultimately responsibility to fix what adultery broke is the cheater's not the cheatee's.

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