Russell Brand has posted a photo on Instagram of him holding a ‘The Expectant Dad’s Handbook’ in front of his face and captioned the photo “Right then. My Mum bought me this. Time to get ready!#trewlit #bookstagram #parenting”.

The 41-year-old Actor and comedian has been dating 27-year-old Laura Gallacher on and off for years and she is apparently 6 months pregnant. The pregnancy rumors first emerged in May but neither Laura nor Russell have confirmed or addressed the rumors until now.

Russell Brand has been doing baby yoga

One of Russell’s friends told a reporter that the actor was ecstatic to become a father and has been reading up on parenthood so that he is prepared for when the baby comes. They said “Russell wants to get close with the baby and has started these daily yoga routines. He takes it really seriously and honestly believes it will help to form a relationship with the child.” He went on to hint that the ‘St Trinians’ actor would be keen to be involved in the delivery of the baby, he added “As a couple they are very close and Russell has even told pals he’d like to deliver the baby.”

Laura is TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher’s younger sister, Kirsty posted a photo back in June of a photo of the two sisters and wrote “Congratulations to my gorgeous sister”, hinting at the news, but no one was sure whether it was in fact a pregnancy that she was congratulating her for.

Russell Brand also reported to have proposed to Laura in June

There is also a rumor that Russell and Laura are engaged as the British TV presenter is thought to have popped the question last month. This will be Russell’s second marriage as he was previously married to American singer Katy Perry for a year.

Russell seems to be keeping the relationship with Laura rather private and they are seldom seen out in public together, this is quite different to his previous relationships, particularly with Katy Perry which was a rather public affair at the time.

No doubt it helps that Laura isn’t well known and so manages to keep her privacy and travel discreetly.

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