Rihanna’s music video for Sledgehammer has a very sci-fi feel to it, the video was released yesterday and already has 2,383,270 views on YouTube. The video sees the Barbadian singer wearing an orangey caftan looking like a space creature, with her hair in a funky style and symbol drawings on her face and forehead.

The video for ‘Sledgehammer’ was released yesterday and is the theme song for the new Star Trek film, Star Trek: Beyond.

Rihanna looks like Star Trek character for new music video

The song, unlike many of Rihanna’s other hits is a ballad, and has a dramatic tune to it.

Rihanna does some very alternative dancing in the video and fully embraces the ‘Space’ theme, acting like a strange alien. The video is a real tribute to everything that is ‘Star Trek’, it fully encompasses the space theme and even includes the ‘Starship Entrerprise’ ship which features at the end of the video and is seen flying directly towards RiRi. The music video is far from her usual glamour, short skirts and twerking that we have recently gotten used to seeing from the ‘Work’ singer.

Rihanna looks like some sort of alien space goddess in the video, she appears to have no eyebrows and has blue lips.

The strange video was directed by Floria Sigismondi and had its premiere at the IMAX theatres yesterday. The video is available on Vevo and Tidal and can also be seen on YouTube. It is the first ever music video to be shot by nothing other than IMAX cameras, hence why it premiered at the IMAX theatres.

Rihanna has always loved Star Trek

The beautiful singer posted a clip in which she says “Star Trek has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.

It just took me one episode to fall in love with this other world that I couldn’t understand but I felt I could relate to. You always felt emotionally connected to the characters. I was very, very honoured to be a part of this film”. The film will be released in cinemas on the 22nd July 2016.

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