"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams is facing another possible arrest. Known for her explosive temper, it looks like Porsha could be gearing up for more legal trouble for allegedly attacking her former "Go Naked' marketing manager Jami Zeigler in December of 2015.

Porsha Williams accused of attacking marketing manager

The altercation between Porsha Williams and Jami Zeigler reportedly took place around the same time that the Season 8 reunion show was being taped for "RHOA." It looks like Zeigler is doing the most to have Porsha arrested and convicted for her alleged crime. It has been reported that Zeigler filed a warrant application in Fulton Count, Georgia.

The intent of the application is to ask for Porsha to be arrested and tried for misdemeanor assault.The warrant application was reportedly filed on April 6 and the two women had their day in court in June. A judge ruled that the women would enter mediation.

The whole fight is said to have started when Jami Zeigler showed up to a Christmas event with a guest that Porsha didn't approve of. Rumor has it, the "RHOA" star had some business dealings with the other person that turned sour. Porsha ended up getting pretty heated over Jami's choice of companion and rather than work out their differences peacefully, Porsha reportedly went on a rampage instead.After insisting that Jami Zeiglerand her guest be thrown out of the event, Porsha followed the pair out.

Then Williams is accused of attacking Zeigler. The marketing manager claims that Porsha punched her, scratched her, and pulled out her hair.

'RHOA' star has violent history with cast

This isn't the fist time that Porsha Williams has exploded around the same time as an "RHOA" reunion. As a matter of fact, it was just a couple of seasons back that Porsha lost her cool and ended up attacking Kenya Moore on stage.

Of course, Kenya wasn't blameless in the incident. She taunted her "RHOA" costar with a bullhorn and waged a wand in her face before the "RHOA" stars ended up throwing blows as the cameras rolled.Much like last time, cameras were rolling when Porsha is accused of attacking Jami Zeigler too.

Even more recently, Porsha had an altercation with her former friend Cynthia Bailey.

It was during Season 8 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" that Porsha and Cynthia ended up arguing. It was all during the Lake Lanier trip when Porsha again lunged at her "RHOA" castmate and ended up on top of Cynthia before the two were separated.

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