A triangular love tale narrated in a hilarious manner, and this is what the new Mollywood flick Shajahanum Pareekuttiyamoffers us.

The cinema reached the big screens on July 06, 2016, and like all their previous ventures, this romantic comedy too has satisfied the audiences who look for logic less entertainers.

Rajesh and Bobun Samuel have united for this project after their successful outing in "Romans", and this time too, they have crafted a film with their favorite hero, Kunchako.

As we all know, Shahajahan and Parekuty are two iconic Romeo characters who are known for their intense attachment towards their partners.

In this movie, Chakochan and Jaysurya have enacted similar sort of roles, but interestingly, they have more fun in their mind than that platonic feel of romance.

Unlike other triangular love stories, this flick has more humor and less melodrama. The director has adopted a unique way of storytelling, and it is a kind of spoof narration.

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Most of the scenes may look cliched, but at the end of every sequence, you will get surprised without any doubts.

Amala Pual, who has portrayed the role of heroine in this flick, plays the character of Jia, a happy young lady. In her past, she had confrontations with two young men, and surprisingly, one day, these smart guns come again in her journey.

The remaining movie showcases their rollicking adventure filled with jokes and thrills.

Even though this feature falls in the comic genre, the makers have used an unexpected suspense element in the end time. Almost all the viewers will not be able to guess it, as this scene comes as a shocker.

The film belongs to the Anivathipravu star who mesmerized the spectators with his obvious charisma and charm.

He still looks like a college going kid, and once again proclaimed that he is the only evergreen chocolate hero in the industry.

Considering the large opening the movie received in the box-office, we can quickly conclude that the film will emerge as a safe bet for the producer.

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