Rumors abound that the CW has pushed back Reignseason 4 for one main reason: to avoid a clash with Game of Thrones. Some believe that the two-period dramas clash too much with each other, and the latter has too much of a fanbase to fight against.

Reignwon't air until 2017.

Fans already knew that the premiere ofReign would be delayed. There were thoughts that season 4 wouldn't happen at all, considering the low ratings for season 3. The show had been moved from Mondays to Fridays in fall 2015, only to not return after the mid-season break in January.

It was March by the time the show returned, and for a shorter season of just 18 episodes rather than 22.

Just before fans could panic too much, the CW confirmed that the drama set around Mary, Queen of Scots, would return for a fourth season. It is possible that this is the last, especially when the CW announced that the show wouldn't start until at least January 2017. It wasn't included in the fall 2016 line up, likeThe OriginalsandThe 100.

This may be a strategic play for a few reasons.

While one of those is rumored to be due toGame of Thrones, another is that it will help to strengthen the mid-season programming for the young network.

Reignrumors can't be true.

The problem with the idea ofReign being delayed to avoid a clash is thatGame of Thrones isn't going to air until the summer of 2017. This was confirmed by the showrunners, along with the fact that the show is getting a shorter season of just seven episodes.

Rumors surroundingReign were that it would start in May 2017. This would allowGame of Thrones to air a few episodes before starting back up, and give the CW a summer program that should perform relatively well.WithGame of Thrones now being delayed, waiting until May will pit the two shows together for seven weeks.

It is possible thatReign will still be delayed until May but for another reason. Summer shows often start between May and July, due to the break in scheduling for the stronger fall shows.

The summer scheduling is given to relatively strong shows that aren't strong enough to go up against the main ones. Some of the most successful summer programming includes SuitsandPretty Little Liars, which are on their sixth and seventh seasons respectively. MovingReign to the summer could help it survive longer than it would if it remained in the fall lineup.

What do you think? HasReignseason 4 been pushed back to avoidGame of Thrones,or is this a strategic plan by the CW to strengthen its summer lineup?

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