While MTV is pretty full of Teen Mom these days, True Life: We Are Orlando is coming to the network on August 15. The hour long special will document the lives of survivors of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando back in June.

What happened at Pulse Nightclub

The deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. left 49 dead, and 53 wounded. This June 12th attack affected the lives of many, especially thosein the LGBT+ community. The attack came just a day after the deadly shooting of singer Christina Grimmie, which also took place in Orlando, FL.

How the Pulse Nightclub survivors will be featured

This episode of True Life is a special one, as MTV is releasing clips all over their social media until the episode airs. The clips shown online will feature content that will not be featured in the episode, but include important interviews, and footage from Orlando's LGBT+ community. This will be the first time ever that MTV has ever done this for their True Life series. The clips can been seen on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

The episode and clips will also inform viewers on gun reform, and how to take action.

Who are the featured victims?

The TV special will cover the stories of four survivors from the shooting, Tony Marrero, Patience Carter, Tiara Parker, and Joshua McGill.All four survivors will be shown on their road to recovery, as they recover, physically, from gunshot wounds, and mentally, as they reflect on this horrible event.

Marrero, who was shot four times, is shown in a sneak peekstill recovering from his wounds.Visibly in pain, he discusses his injurieswhile his wounds are sanitized. He also visits the Pulse nightclub memorial to pay respects to the victims, and most importantly, his best friend lost in the tragedy.

McGill,shown in another preview clip, managed to escape the attack, but saved a bartender from the nightclub.

In his clip, he discusses that he will soon meet the man, Rodney Sumter, for the first time since the attack.

The special will air Monday, August 15 on MTV, and the special clips are available online now.

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