Priyanka Chopra is a top Bollywood star who has now entered the American world of show biz. She is 34 years old and single. She is not only the subject of gossip but also a darling with the publications like Maxims and others which have showcased her on their covers. Obviously, a single famous girl does raise questions. People in America and all over the world want to know whether she is hitched to a man. When in Mumbai Priyanka never had a steady boyfriend except for a brief flirtation with Akshay Kumar and Shahid Kapoor. In the USA - the star of Baywatch and Quantico has not been reported to date, anyone.

Priyanka on dating.

Film stars bask in the sun and perhaps they love the gossip that surrounds them. Priyanka has been in the news with her flawless armpits that generated quite a healthy controversy. I am sure the lady enjoyed the comments as she replied by posting her picture with bare arms pits on Instagram. Now she has come out with a statement that she has never dated anyone and does not believe in dating. This comment has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Yet the actress has made this comment to Veronica Chambers in the magazine In Style which should hit the stands soon. The actress who stars as the villain in Baywatch has stated that she only believes in a relationship and not in dating.

Frankly, even now no oneknows whetherthere is a definite man in her life. There are rumors of an Indian NRI with whom she may tie the knot. All this is speculation and the fact is the public loves to read such tidbits of the life of stars.

The magazine interview.

Priyanka's comments can be read in the August issue of the magazine In Style that may be in the stands on 8 July.

It will be an interview worth reading and will show her mind and how she thinks. Priyanka is a modern girl who studied in America and it is very she would definitely have had men in her life. Maybe she does not believe in dating as it's a frivolous act, but there is no denying that she is a gorgeous girl and many hundreds of men would like to date her.

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